How To Avoid Curbsiders


Due to the significant presence of curbsiders in the used car market, an important part of smart and informed car buying is understanding how to identify a curbsider. Fortunately, identification of a curbsider is relatively easy if you pay attention and do your due diligence.

[quote]“A curbsider is an individual looking to profit from a purchase and subsequent resale of a vehicle without having proper registered title to the car being sold. They will purchase a car from someone else and sell it to you without registering it, acting as the middleman.” (Source)[/quote]

How to avoid curbsiders

1. Check Vehicle Registration

On the vehicle registration, the name listed is the current owner registered. Make note of this name for step 3.

2. Check UVIP

On page two, SECTION two of the Used Vehicle Information Package, the current individual the car is registered to is listed here. Make note of this name for step 3.

3. Check Seller Identification

Ask for identification from the car seller and reconcile this name with the documentation. Overall, go with your gut. If he is resistant to providing identification even after you explained that you want to ensure your car purchase is a legitimate private sale, then its time to walk away.

The bottom line

If the seller is trying to sell a car that his name is not directly listed on the documentation, we highly recommend that you walk away. There are many dangers of purchasing from a curbsider, even outside of the fact that you are participating in an illegal activity.

For more information on Curbsiders, read our article on What Is A Curbsider.


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