New Ontario 2013 Emissions Test Requirements and Challenges


With the new change to the Ontario DriveClean Emissions Test, buying a used car in 2013 that will fail emissions is now a real possibility. Fixing up a vehicle to pass the emissions test will add greatly to your costs and turn a great deal sour.

However, the change to on-board diagnostic (OBD) testing also means that emissions checking a vehicle before purchase is now easier than ever.

Ontario DriveClean Emissions Test

To ensure that the used car is Ontario DriveClean ready, a OBDII reader must be plugged in and the car monitors checked for readiness status. Note that if the battery has been disconnected recently or the monitors cleared, that the car would need two-three days of regular driving to get back to proper status

Emissions Test Readiness Criteria

  • No check engine light
  • Vehicle Year 1998-2000: no more than two monitors not ready
  • Vehicle Year 2000+: no more than one monitor not ready
  • More Official Details…

What You Need To Do

To avoid buying a car that will fail emissions, check a used car before you buy with a OBDII reader. An OBDII reader that reads and checks readiness monitors will cost around $140, but we’ve chose the best bang for buck reader for you. Being able to immediately check if a vehicle will pass emmissions can be done in less than 5 minutes with the proper tool.

To avoid hidden costs, we recommend getting a proper pre-purchase inspection prior to purchase. If you want to take a pro-active approach to buying smart, we have made a checklist for you to go through before purchase finalization.


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